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I’m a Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) and Big Data Consultant from Sydney. I started writing this blog primarily as a knowledge base for myself. The posts presented in this blog are practical technical solutions to real-world business problems that has been tested and proven in commercial production environments.  I hope this blog will also help you at some point in your Microsoft BI journey. I intend to keep this blog informative, relevant, concise and as updated as possible – so watch out for this space .

Besides this blog, I have published the following open source projects on CodePlex

SSIS Dataflow Discoverer (DFLD)
SSIS Credit Card Number Validator 08 (CCNV08)
SSIS Credit Card Number Validator 05 (CCNV05)

For more information on my consulting experiences, visit my LinkedIn profile.

I value your comments/feedback on this blog . Your queries will be answered at the first available opportunity. Thanks for visiting my blog .



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